The Blind Art is the Fine Art Management Group that focus on the innovative way to promote artists which means not mentioning the artists’ names next to the artworks. 

An artist’s reputation plays a significant role in the perception of an artwork. Studies show that if a specific artist is trusted and well-known, then most art enthusiasts tend to be immediately interested in their artworks. The problem then is that the artwork evaluation process is not objective and unknown artists aren’t in the picture.

In the wine business, there’s a fine process of tasting wines blindly so that they are assessed more accurately and objectively. If a wine taster knows the producer, wine colour, vintage, etc., it might affect their perception.

Observers will be able to have clearer feelings and thoughts about their decisions. In the environment we provide, they will tend to act more rationally and objectively; they will assess the artworks more accurately – which is our biggest global mission. 

Here, every artist, irrespective of their brand value, public recognition or popularity, gets equal opportunity to be seen, heard, recognized and appreciated. That’s who we are as a brand – we stand for equality and our actions speak louder than words. We don’t respect trends or meaningless rules. We create our own rules that challenge the status quo and make the world a better place.